Irish Music & Dance – Finland

Classes and workshops are available in Helsinki / Espoo/Tampere, Finland under the direction of Mark Hennessey TCRG. Online classes are held regularly with the students and in person workshops are held throughout the year as well as theatre and festival performances. Classes available include competitive and hobby classes for children and adults.

Fómhar / Autumn / Syksy – 2023

Irish music & dance classes will take place from this August in the Helsinki/Espoo/Tampere areas. The first set of classes announced can be found below. Further classes, courses and workshops will be added soon as well as more performance opportunities.

Rince Revontulet – Performance Workshops

Come learn some exciting show choreography in an encouraging and friendly environment. Classes are suitable for Irish dancers of ALL levels and will cover drill/exercises for both basic and advanced moves for dancers who wish to improve for exams, competition, professional performance or personal improvement. 

Rince Revontulet dancers are invited to participate in performances and festivals throughout the year in Finland and internationally. (Upcoming events include Púca Festival 2023 Ireland, Imbolc Espoo 2024, Irish Festival Tampere 2024.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques & drills will be covered in each class. This will cover technique practice tips to be able to perfect both basic and advanced moves needed for both performance and competitive dance in light and heavy shoes. Choreography in class will include:

  • Chorus Line Combinations – Basic Level
  • Chorus Line Combinations – Professional Level
  • Personalised/individual choreographed solo 

These dances are choreographed to live music arranged especially for the European Irish Music Ensemble.

Irish Dance Bootcamp

Have you ever wanted to try Irish dance? Come to this fun and energetic fitness class where you will learn some of the basic moves and steps of Irish dancing. This set of classes are suitable for ALL levels of dancer from those who want to learn the basics to those who want to perfect the professional moves. 

Irish Dance Bootcamp – Beginner / Novice / Hobby

The Beginner/Novice classes are suitable for those who would like to learn or practise the basic moves of Irish dance in an energetic environment. Dancers are welcome and encouraged to take the class at their own pace. A great way to get fit and learn some dance moves.

Week 1 – 123s & 7s
Week 2 – Hops / Butterfly Jumps
Week 3 – Spins / Twirls

Irish Dance Bootcamp – Advanced / Professional

This group is for experienced dancers. They will be encouraged to push themselves to their limit in order to both boost their stamina as well as perfect the execution of both basic and advanced moves/techniques. These classes are ideal for dancers pursuing either a competitive or professional performance path. 

27.8.23 – Week 1 – Suspended Leaps / Birdies
10.9.23 – Week 2 – Entrechat / Stag Jump
24.9.23 – Week 3 – Advanced Spinning Techniques

European Irish Music Ensemble

These classes are for musicians of all levels who would like to begin or further their playing of traditional Irish music as well as introducing them to contemporary arrangements and original music arranged specifically for the ensemble. As well as traditional instruments, non traditional instruments are very welcome and encouraged. As well as traditional Irish session tunes, the ensemble will play arrangements to accompany the Rince Revontulet Irish dancers for fun and also performance opportunities. Musicians of all levels and instruments are welcome. For more information see


Sunday 13.8.23 

14:00-15:30 – EIME – Welcome/reunion session

16:00-17:30 – Rince Revontulet – Welcome/reunion session

18:00-21:00 Social Gathering  Irish music séisiún – Molly Malones

Sunday 27.8.23 // 10.9.23 // 24.9.23

14:00-15:30 – EIME Lesson / Rehearsal

16:00-16:45 – Irish Dance Bootcamp Hobby / Professional

17:00-18:30 – Rince Revontulet Lesson / Rehearsal


EIME – Rytmimusiikkiopisto Tauko, Pihatörmä 1A, 02240 Espoo
Rince Revontulet – Piispanportti 12 B, 02200 Espoo, Finland

Trad Culture

Trad Culture are classes that provide an excellent introduction in to the world of Irish Music, Dance & Culture in a fun and engaging manner. Classes are aimed at young children (ages 4+) with no previous experience in music or dance required. THE COURSE, CREATED AND DEVELOPED BY TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN GRADUATE/LECTURER MARK HENNESSEY, IS BASED ON A SERIES OF ENGAGING GAMES, EXERCISES AND ACTIVITIES THAT WILL FACILITATE THEM TO LEARN THE BASICS OF IRISH DANCING, MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS (INCLUDING HOW TO READ SHEET MUSIC), AS WELL AS A GENERAL INTRODUCTION TO IRISH INSTRUMENTS, TUNES AND RHYTHMS.
Some of our young dancers stretching. Espoo, Finland June 2022 (Photo by Johanna Ruuth-Karvonen)
Workshops are held throughout the year and with regular classes commencing soon in Espoo. If you are interested in Trad Culture classes please get in touch using the contact form below. TEACHER TRAINING COURSES WILL COMMENCE FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO TEACH THE TRAD CULTURE PROGRAM IN THEIR SCHOOL, club or society.

Hennessey Irish Dance Finland

Competitive and exam preparation classes are delivered by Mark Hennessey TCRG. He is a fully qualified teacher registered with An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha in Ireland as well as Mainland Europe branch as RCCEA (Regional Council Continental EuropeAnd Asia). If you are interested in participating in competitive or grading exam classes please fill out the enquiry form below.

Performance Classes

Irish dance performance classes are also available. These classes cover solo, group and heavy shoe routines. Members are welcome to join the classes for fun but also have the opportunity to join our performance group rince revontulet in our performances.
Mark Hennessey with the Rince Revontulet dancers. (Photo by Tero Terunen)
The group has already performed in Finland alongside the European Irish Music Ensemble and have some very exciting performances coming up in 2023 & 2024.
Mark Hennessey with the Rince Revontulet dancers & European Irish Music Ensemble musicians. (Photo by Tero Terunen)

Ceilí Classes

Céilí dancing (group/team) classes and workshops are held throughout the year in Finland. These classes are suitable for all ages and abilities from beginners to advanced. Learn fun group dances that have come from the traditional roots of dance in Ireland.
Rince Revontulet dancers performing a céilí dance during a performance with the European Irish Music Ensemble @ Sello Espoo June 2022 (Photo by Brian Murphy)

European Irish Music Ensemble is partnered with the European Irish Music Ensemble. The EIME is a new inclusive ensemble for musicians of all backgrounds and levels of musicianship to learn and engage in the world of Irish music and the culture surrounding it.
Virtual lessons, rehearsals and workshops are held throughout the year as well as in person workshops in Ireland and throughout Europe with performance and travel opportunities also available to members.
For more information see

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